Kalari Payat – Kerala’s Fighting Arts

Kalari Payat. Its actually it is two words. “Kalari” means gymnasium or school and “Payat” is physical exercise. Combine the words and you get my next destination a Kalari school run by Mr (Guru) Prassad. He retired from business and now teaches children in the local neighborhood the ancient Indian fighting arts from the region of Kerala.140219-Kalari-Short-A3
Once there were multiple styles and forms of Kalari all throughout Kerala. They are now dying out as new generations take to other recreational activities or martial arts, like karate.Kalari-SNAP-2
For a few hours, I witnesses the power of love, as Guru Prassad taught the neighborhood children. Listen to the entire interview with him and find out why he spends his time volunteering.
Kozhikode, February 2014


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