ORE • Modern Indian Art with Rajan Krishnan • Kochi • INDIA

One hundred wooden crates, boxes, hide a secret. They contain the core of our existence: ORE. Everything in our world comes from dust, from the earth, from natural elements. Humans. Houses. Trees.ORE-by-Rajan-Krishnan-INDIA-3

The artist, Rajan Krishnan, decided to explore this idea by creating a large-scale installation he called ORE. Working together with a community workshop and first-time artists, they created countless miniature figures from clay. Together these terracotta pieces are heaped together and form a mound.


Like the mystery of a mound in nature, what figures and shapes does the mound of ORE hide away? Watch an interview conducted while the artist displayed part of this work, ORE, at the Gallery OED in Kochi, INDIA in 2014.


You can see an unedited version of this interview here:

A big thanks to Dilip Narayanan, Gallery Director, for the support in making this interview possible.


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