Tasty Touristy Sh!t • Thai Cooking Class

“If you’ve ever wondered why Thai food taste so good, head over to Chiang Mai and take a cooking class. They’ll drop you off first at the market place where you’ll get a good overview of everything you need to cook truly authentic Thai food at home. We started off by learning the differences between the different fruits, mushroom and onions, lettuces. Then we moved on to noodles and different kinds of rice. From Jasmin to sticky rice.”

“Then we added spices into the mix and all kinds of fruit I had never heard of. The only one I recognized was of course bananas but they tasted so fresh and so ripe in Thailand. Moving on the fresh fish department, there was much to choose from. Same thing from the meat department where you’ll get a couple of cuts which you won’t find at your local McDonalds anytime soon.”

“In the classroom, Chef Pong made everything look so easy. you just put the noodles in the pan and flip it around. Your rice comes out looking nice and clean. Thank you so much Chef Pong. In reality, cooking is a real art. It takes a lot of practice and concentration to cut and slice and boil – all the ingredient for our stir fry or banana rice cakes. In the end it was a beautiful time to explore the Thai culture in a little bit different way – through our tastebuds.”

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