Aceh Market • Fruits, Vegetable, & Meat • INDONESIA

At Aceh’s main fresh food market, you’ll find fruits and vegetables never before seen in Western supermarkets. Vendors come early in the morning, and many set up by stacking their goods on piles on the pavement.

The music is from a field recording by Prof. Margaret Kartomi, with the Sir Zelman School of Music, Monash University in Australia. This song belongs to Aceh’s secular musical tradition termed “ratôh duek” (literally ‘dance in sitting position’). Prof. Kartomi made this recording on 27. April 2005 in the NAD Building, Dinas Kebudayaan Province, Banda Aceh.

Find out more about Prof. Kartomi’s work and Aceh’s musical traditions at the links below.

• Prof. Kartomi’s (amazing!) online library of field recordings, preserving the musical heritage of Aceh, Indonesia!

• “Surviving Conflict”

• “Musical Journeys in Sumatra”

• “The art of body percussion and movement in Aceh and its links in countries around the northern rim of the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean”

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