DRIVING School • Over-regulated Dutch Society • Eindhoven • The NETHERLANDS

Ram is a driving school instructor and owner of the driving school, Ram Drive.

“Important is that you have a good knowledge of the rules. The other countries out of Europe like India or Turkey, they are driving more with feelings, not the rules. In The Netherlands everyone is driving with the rules at the same time and same speed with each other. We begin always with the traffic lights. If the traffic lights are working, you have to follow the traffic lights. If you don’t have traffic lights then you have to look to the traffic signs. If you have a stop sign you have to stop. Even if you are in the desert you have to stop that’s the rules. Stop. Check. And go further.”


If you don’t see a traffic signs, then you must try to see the marks, the white marks on the road. Cyclist and old people, they are unpredictable. Students from Holland, most of the time they are very young – 18 years old. The adrenaline plays a big role, a big part. Holland had many rules and if you go with the rules, live with the rules, then you will have less problems. If you try to do something else, its not only dangerous but you can get into big problems – with everything like tax, on the road, on school, at work.


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