How to Cook Frogs and Spiders • Cambodia’s YouTube Chef

After Veasna sold his restaurant in Phnom Penh, he decided to become a YouTube chef. His online videos show in Khmer and English how to cook frogs, spiders and other bugs – as well as more typical Cambodian dishes such as Khmer fish in banana leaves. “Spider tastes a little like peanuts,” says Veasna in an interview.

“I was born in Kampong Cham Provence in a small town,’ says Veasna. “I learned cooking with my mom every day when I was five years old.”

Now Veasna cooks Cambodian food online and gives private classes.

“First we go to market, to buy everything. Then we come back home and clean the fish, meat and vegetables. When my guests taste my food and feel happy, I also feel happy.”

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How to cook frogs and bugs from Cambodia

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