Four People EVICTED in George Town


What happens after eviction? Shot over three years, OXLAEY Media presents EVICTED. This documentary film follows four people as they’ve being kicked out. Mr. Ong doesn’t think he can quit working, although he’s 91-years old. Vaishu, a transgender sex worker, can’t find a new place to live and then gets arrested by the police. Mr. Teh, who managed a hotel, is reduced to bussing tables at a relative’s restaurant. After the lease for her small business is canceled, Mrs. Lian stays awake at night worrying about what to do with a disabled employee. In a style evoking Frederick Wiseman, director Ryan Anders has captured in EVICTED a sobering but surprising look at how an eviction can forever change the direction of people’s lives.

Watch the film for free HERE.


  • Ryan Anders: Producer / Director
  • Andrew Ng: Camera
  • Finn Clarke: Music
  • Daniel Wojahn: Sound
  • Interviews: Uma K Borah, Joann Khaw, Ravin Thiran, Mareike Pampus
  • Translation, Uma K Borah, Ravin Thiran, Barane Yoga, Natarajan Aarthi Adaikkalavan, Sakhila Banu, Yi Thying, Joshua Lim, Alvin Chuah, Jamie Lim,Eeyan Chuah, Jonathan Yun

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